Rooster in the Chicken Coup

The Chicken Saga – Roosters… [Part 5]

[To get caught up or just to refresh your memory click here for…  The Chicken Saga Part 1]  Eventually the metamorphosis was complete and each chicken’s comb (or lack thereof) became as distinctive as a fingerprint and with that each hen became somewhat easier to identify. Each had a unique personality and several hens were […]

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Chicken Coop

Due Diligence and All-Nighters (Chicken Tales Pt2)

It seemed hard for me to believe that 15 barely hours-old chicks could be shipped from McMurray Hatchery’s in Iowa to my little post office in Upstate New York –  intact and alive to boot.   Amazing really!  But I placed my trust in the process and with the hatch date for my chicks fast approaching […]

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