Rainey Dewey Art Autumn

I must admit it….

I must admit it… I can be lazy. There’s no excuse for my laziness to be sure but I’ve got plenty of excuses anyhow. Let’s see… excuses: “I’m tired” “I’m old” “I’m fat”… “I worked all day”… “it’s dark out”… “it’s bright out”… “I’m afraid of failure”… “I’m afraid of success”… “I’m just plain afraid […]

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Chicken Coop

Due Diligence and All-Nighters (Chicken Tales Pt2)

It seemed hard for me to believe that 15 barely hours-old chicks could be shipped from McMurray Hatchery’s in Iowa to my little post office in Upstate New York –  intact and alive to boot.   Amazing really!  But I placed my trust in the process and with the hatch date for my chicks fast approaching […]

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