Chickens flock from the pen

The Chicken Saga – The Wisdom in Chicken Keeping and Chickenless in Charleston [Part 7 – The End]

[Click on category “The Chicken Saga” to get the whole story] Now I’ve been around a long while here on God’s great earth and I have learned that for me life’s rewards only come from hard work. I also have come to realize that knowledge only comes from consistent study and finally this accumulation of […]

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Picture of the First Egg Laid

The Chicken Saga – Eggs, The Poop Factor and Other Things [Part 6]

Now that the roosters were gone it was just the “girls” and me and we settled into our daily routine. With no more danger of a rooster attack each time I entered the coop and no more seemingly violent chicken-whoopie happening I was relieved. My routine would go something like this. Each morning before work […]

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Rooster in the Chicken Coup

The Chicken Saga – Roosters… [Part 5]

[To get caught up or just to refresh your memory click here for…  The Chicken Saga Part 1]  Eventually the metamorphosis was complete and each chicken’s comb (or lack thereof) became as distinctive as a fingerprint and with that each hen became somewhat easier to identify. Each had a unique personality and several hens were […]

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Chicken Art

The Chicken Saga – Building on Brilliance or Ignorance is Bliss [Part 2]

So with all the enthusiasm of a misguided and uninformed fool I went online to purchase my flock of chickens. Fifteen birds would be the minimum required order with a bonus bird thrown in for free! After carefully making my selections I pressed that “BUY NOW” button and with that my wait commenced for fourteen […]

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Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Building in Review (Chicken Tales Pt3)

You might wonder why I decided to build the chicken coop myself instead of calling in a handyman and I would answer with two words… pure economics.  The truth is I try to do whatever I can myself and only call in the professionals when I must… for things like electrical and plumbing work.   Honestly, […]

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