Rainey Dewey Art Shunpike Road

Winter Seems to be Hanging On (Enough Already)

According to my calendar spring came on March 20th and here it is April 17th and you surely wouldn’t know!  Spring, where are you?  Temperatures are low; low enough for snow flurries to spin and wander to the ground.  Spring, where are you?  As I gazed out my kitchen window this morning with coffee in hand […]

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Rainey Dewey Art Working on a new piece

Time to Reset

I know it’s time to reset my life.  Of late I’ve been so distracted.  First by the 2016 Presidential election campaigns, then the election itself, after that the protests and resistance to Donald Trump’s unexpected win.  Then and still we have protests, sometimes violent, and in spite of it all we have President Trump in […]

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