Rainey Dewey Art Working on a new piece

Time to Reset

I know it’s time to reset my life.  Of late I’ve been so distracted.  First by the 2016 Presidential election campaigns, then the election itself, after that the protests and resistance to Donald Trump’s unexpected win.  Then and still we have protests, sometimes violent, and in spite of it all we have President Trump in […]

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Rainey Dewey Art Sundown

It’s Time for Paint on Paper and a Little Peace

As an American citizen I have never felt such fear.  Fear of my fellow citizens, fear that these paid protesters and anarchists will somehow be able to topple our system and our right to live peaceful lives pursuing our personal dreams.  And then I remembered GOD TRUMPS FEAR! Yes indeed.  God’s love trumps fear if […]

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Picture of the First Snow

Just Me and God

First snow of the season came today, which to me seems surprisingly early. So early in fact that I hadn’t raked the leaves from my yard and driveway and so I was forced to hurriedly disburse them before heading to work. After jumpstarting my lawn tractor I proceeded to drive in circles blowing the leaves […]

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