Rainey Dewey Art

The drawing comes alive… and then just like that it’s finished!

“Village Speed Limit” Graphite on Bristol Paper (Giclee Print Available Email Me at [email protected]) When it comes to my drawing and painting process an accelerated video time lapse would definitely be more interesting than watching my process from start to finish in realtime.  You see, my style is cautious and tentative as I move slowly and […]

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Rainey Dewey Art Rural sketch

Start Here

“Village Speed Limit” – Start like this… Drawing skills don’t just come without practice.  Just like anything else, any skill or any desire when you start you’re not as good as you will become if you practice. I’ve always loved to draw and I started at the beginning, which means picking up a pencil and […]

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Rainey Dewey Artspot

Changing It Up

Wow!  It’s been quite a while since my last post.  Time flies… especially (it seems) as I’ve gotten older.  Maybe it’s because the earth spins faster… Naw!  That can’t be it.  Maybe I’m in a time warp where the clock spins and time is accelerated?  Naw!  That can’t be it.  I suppose time seems to […]

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Rainey Dewey Art Shunpike Road

Winter Seems to be Hanging On (Enough Already)

According to my calendar spring came on March 20th and here it is April 17th and you surely wouldn’t know!  Spring, where are you?  Temperatures are low; low enough for snow flurries to spin and wander to the ground.  Spring, where are you?  As I gazed out my kitchen window this morning with coffee in hand […]

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Chickens flock from the pen

The Chicken Saga – The Wisdom in Chicken Keeping and Chickenless in Charleston [Part 7 – The End]

[Click on category “The Chicken Saga” to get the whole story] Now I’ve been around a long while here on God’s great earth and I have learned that for me life’s rewards only come from hard work. I also have come to realize that knowledge only comes from consistent study and finally this accumulation of […]

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Picture of the First Egg Laid

The Chicken Saga – Eggs, The Poop Factor and Other Things [Part 6]

Now that the roosters were gone it was just the “girls” and me and we settled into our daily routine. With no more danger of a rooster attack each time I entered the coop and no more seemingly violent chicken-whoopie happening I was relieved. My routine would go something like this. Each morning before work […]

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Rooster in the Chicken Coup

The Chicken Saga – Roosters… [Part 5]

[To get caught up or just to refresh your memory click here for…  The Chicken Saga Part 1]  Eventually the metamorphosis was complete and each chicken’s comb (or lack thereof) became as distinctive as a fingerprint and with that each hen became somewhat easier to identify. Each had a unique personality and several hens were […]

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