Control… It’s an Illusion now go wash your hands

I’ve always been the type of person who plans, predicts, evaluates, makes lists and literally tries to control nearly everything in my life.  It feels like I’ve always been like that as best I can recall.  Even when I’m being foolish there’s an element of me – trying like all get out – to be […]

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Rainey Dewey Art Autumn

I must admit it….

I must admit it… I can be lazy. There’s no excuse for my laziness to be sure but I’ve got plenty of excuses anyhow. Let’s see… excuses: “I’m tired” “I’m old” “I’m fat”… “I worked all day”… “it’s dark out”… “it’s bright out”… “I’m afraid of failure”… “I’m afraid of success”… “I’m just plain afraid […]

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