Sifting Through Life to Find Those Wonderful, Simple Things

It’s a beautiful, cool spring morning in Upstate New York.  I sit here at the dining room table with my hot coffee close at hand and my six-month old puppy, Tucker, curled up in his fluffy, comfortable bed at my feet.  We were up early this morning (5:30 a.m.); unheard of since I retired in early February!  With Tucker’s morning pee/poop expedition and puppy breakfast out of the way, Tucker naps.  That’s his routine… up, yawn loudly, pee, poop, eat, nap!  This is the perfect morning for that… all cool and clear.  I watch Tucker in this cozy, fluffy bed and observe the rise and fall of his breath.

I really want a second cup of coffee but hesitate so as not to disturb my sleeping puppy!  You see I have discovered that a sleeping puppy is a fine thing!  Don’t get me wrong… an awake puppy is also a fine thing but I revel in this quiet moment before Tucker retrieves his ball and insists it be thrown! Not just once or twice but endlessly.  Over and over the ball will be thrown until I am forced to stop the game for fear of pure puppy exhaustion.  You see Tucker is not a quitter and I admire that about him.

Motivated by little more than a “good boy” and a vigorous rub, Tucker will bring that thrown ball back, drop it at my feet and make ready for another toss over and over again while enjoying each toss with equal enthusiasm.  It’s a simple thing – this sitting with my dog, throwing the ball and watching as he happily returns it to me.  A simple thing but so very filled with what matters – doing something over and over with a friend while expecting only a kind word and a vigorous rub.

I guess that’s what life is… hard stuff (to be sure) mixed with wonderful, little simple things.  Our job is to pick through life’s trials and find those little, simple things that provide momentary contentment and peace.

Alas, my yearning for a second cup of coffee overcomes as I quietly and gently head to the coffee pot.  Tucker sees me but stays put.  I fill my cup and settle back into my spot at the dining room table and then ah choo …. I SNEEZE!   Tucker is up, the ball is out and the games have begun on another day!