A New Beginning

I recently retired from a job I held for over 20 years.  It was an office job and I am grateful for having had it.  That job helped me provide for my needs.  That job enabled me to purchase a home, pay my bills, get out of debt and helped me to live a comfortable life.  And then… and then one day everything changed.  The job I had known changed and I had a decision to make.  Do I go or do I stay? Do I finally jump?  Jump into something I have been yearning to focus on in earnest for many many years?  Or do I stay safe and keep that office job until…. until… until when?

As I pondered my decision these words “If not now, when?” swirled in my head… over and over… if not now when?  After all I was turning 66 and that means I’m no spring chicken!

If not now when?  Indeed!

So, I decided to jump!  This jump was unlike me.  I am not a risk taker and this jump was big for me and seemed extremely risky.  An unknown.  I always like to “know” but instead I decided to take early Social Security and go.  I admit that I have been worrying about just how I will “make it” but honestly this new life, this new beginning has made me feel happy.

I feel happy! WOW!

Even with the financial worries… I feel happy!  So, I retired in early February and immediate got a puppy!  When I say “immediately” I mean the very next day I got my puppy!  I named him Tucker.  He is appropriately named because he really keeps me moving and I am tuckered out in a very good way since he came to live with me.

These days I am just beginning to sort out my new beginning, trying to get my footing and establish some kind of schedule for painting, writing, walking with Tucker, tending to his needs, household tasks, etc.  But, I feel like endless possibilities are open and I am excited to see where the Lord leads me.  In the meantime, I am trying to do… not sit!  Do!

Do!  So I’m painting, making videos for my YouTube Channel, walking with Tucker daily, painting with my friends once a week and waiting to see what God decides to do with my new beginning.