Grandpa Gus’s Tick Repellent … So far so good!

Along with all of my life changes I thought it was time for my cat Luvy experience a change as well.  An improvement I would say… You see when I moved into the Village back in 2018 Luvy became an “indoor cat” after being and “indoor / outdoor” cat for many years.  My decision was made primarily to keep Luvy safe from traffic and general nuisance stuff like fleas, ticks and such.  My house is on a fairly well traveled street.  Not fast road traffic but my street is very busy when school is in session and then somewhat busy otherwise.  So I decided it would be best for Luvy… but this year I have an outdoor space that is fenced and so I ordered some of Grandpa Gus’s Tick Repellent and once I bribed Luvy with a treat or two or three to let me spray him I opened the backdoor.  Luvy was hesitant and a little afraid at first but… once outside his cat instincts stepped in and now hunter Luvy is back with one chipmunk kill on his belt.  He loves to meander on the walkway, chew on grass and eat a little catnip just for fun and should a chipmunk, rabbit or squirrel venture into his territory…. well let’s just say they enter the area at their own peril.