This is life after all

Oh my… things are changing.  I suppose that’s to be expected.  This is life after all.

You see over the years I’ve been able to keep my life fairly small and purposefully isolated.  In retrospect I’m not sure that was the best approach but that is what I did… and then… And then sometimes someone else makes a decision and you are swept up into changes that one – meaning me – wouldn’t have sought on purpose.  At the end of the day these changes (I am hoping) will be good because I don’t believe we are supposed to lead isolated and small lives.  I believe we are at our best and thrive in relationships – not just of the romantic sort – but when we connect with our fellow humans in friendship or casual banter in the checkout line.  I believe it’s those relationships that make our lives rich.

So here I am being swept up into changes that I didn’t choose but that I know God will use for His purpose and that can be only be a good thing.  So I’m hanging on, stressing out and just plain panicking.  I think that is the wrong approach but that’s where I am today.  Tomorrow I try to to trust and get better at acceptance of these impending changes.  Until then… I’m just hanging on with my little cat Luvy who is experiencing some changes of his own…