It’s Time… Can it be done?

My sons really wants me to get healthy.  I understand.  I’ve been lax about my health and specifically about my weight for a very long time.  My laxness has been a problem all of my life really.  Over the years I have gone through fits and starts, eating healthy for a while and then backsliding; exercising for a while and then stopping.  I know it’s time to really commit to change myself.

But can it be done?

Am I strong enough?

Is it too late?

I say YES it can be done.  I say YES I am strong enough with God’s help and I say NO it’s never too late to make positive changes.  So with that I’m partnering with myself and God through this blog to try to figure things out and really commit to being a better me somehow.  In these turbulent days of such unrest, division and uncertainty in our country, I believe it is time for me to “circle the wagons” around myself with God as my guide. That doesn’t mean that I will ignore what is happening but absorbing the information needs to be balanced with a focus on my own life and how I can help to make things better… always with God as my guide.

So… it’s time – past time – to discover the inner resources God has given me.  It’s time for discovery even in the midst turbulent times and maybe because of these turbulent times.  Truth is so far discoveries have already been made.  I have discovered that my faith isn’t as strong as I thought.  I have discovered that I am conservative without apology.  I have discovered that I am patriotic and I love this country… not the country we are but the country God created us to be.  I have also discovered in the midst of this mess things need to change inside and outside of myself.

The discoveries I will chat about here in later posts but for now I need to “get the stink off,” get my sneakers and go for a walk.

This is for you JonBoy and Mikey 🙂