Rainey Dewey Art Spot on YouTube – Put me in Coach!

I’ve had a YouTube Channel for about ten years or so and I haven’t done much with it until a few days ago.  I suppose that part of the reason for my neglect is 50 percent general procrastination and 50% lack of knowledge.  On second thought some of it was pure laziness with regard to figuring it all out so maybe I need to recalculate at 33% each – procrastination, laziness and stupidity about the whole mess.  But then something happened.  I’m not sure what but I have a suspicion – on reflection – that it was a “perfect storm” of happenings over the last few months that inspired me to just give it a try.  As I write this I’m listening my new SiriusXM radio subscription tuned in to the Classic Rewind station.  As John Fogerty belts out “Centerfield”  the lyrics Put me in coach, I’m ready to play today are streaming loudly out of my speakers… and then it goes on “Well, I spent some time in the Mudville Nine Watchin’ it from the bench.”  Yes indeed, I have spent some time watching it from the bench.

But then this “perfect storm” of inspiration from my sons, sister and brother finally just clicked and I “got [my] beat-up glove, a homemade bat, and brand new pair of shoes” so to speak and I’m trying to “give this game a ride.”  Truly, I don’t know where it will all go – if anywhere.  But it truly feels good to be “in the game” finally doing what I do and sharing with whoever will kindly listen.  Click the link below to see the first video I have posted since 2010 featuring my son Jonathan of JEG Design fame!