The Thinker !

I want things to change but I’m not absolutely sure what changes I yearn for.  I’m also not absolutely sure how to facilitate said changes anyway even if I knew what I wanted.  So, I sit here writing, trying to “talk” it out, trying to it figure it out, and trying to come up with a plan  Maybe just by doing something – anything – change will begin to come and then again maybe change won’t come.  Maybe the change that is needed most is having to do with my crappy attitude.  Perhaps.  Honestly, I just don’ t have the answers.  No answers… none… at least for the moment.   But let me think.

Remember to appreciate Luvy and all his quirks!

Thinking for me can be a good or a bad thing.  I’ve always been a seeker and thinker and thinking is essential to seeking and eventually finding.  So let me toss out a few ideas on how I might be able to precipitate changes in my life.  I’m going to make a list.  I love lists.  Here goes…


  1. Maybe if I binge watch junk TV day-in and day-out and then eat a lot of unhealthy food things will be different!  (BURP!)
  2. How about I phone a friend and complain hours on end… that could help!  (Help who… not your friend!)
  3. Or perhaps I could ruminate on the “why me” of it all.  (Yeah… why me, why me anyway!)
  4. Perhaps I could worry a lot about how nothing seems to change even though I haven’t done anything to bring about change … that could work – NOT!
  5. Maybe I should get a dog or a hamster or some chickens!?  (Naw… I did that and all it got me was mites.)
  6. What if I write a blog post about changes.  (That could work… )
  7. What if I paint a picture for a change.  (Sounds like a good idea.)
  8. What if I make a video about what is good in my unchanged life.  (Hmmmm… I never thought of that.)
  9. What if I take a walk… not off a short pier but into the fresh outdoors.  (Walk, outside, you mean leave the house?!  Okay I could try that.)
  10. What if I eat healthier foods for my brain and creativity.  (What are healthier foods?  I’ll have to look that up!)
  11. What if I do Items #6 through 10 and then surrender to God and accept things just as they are and then wait to see what happens?!
I need to remember to notice the morning sun softly on my dresser

Now that I think about it Item 11 could work but only if I take that first step, make that first move, pick up a brush, dust off my sneakers, leave the house and plunge into my life just to see what happens.  Yeah!  That’s it… I’m plunging darn it.  It’s time, game on, get going, get the lead out, become a mover and shaker and all that jazz.  Yeah… Get Ready – Look out world here I come!

In need to remember and appreciate the Phoebe’s who nested over my living room door and stop complaining about the bird poop on the porch.