Outdoor Art Showing… masks and all

I’m really looking forward to doing something “normal” in the midst of this corona virus pandemic and so today, weather permitting, I will be bringing my artwork to one of this areas oldest outdoor art shows – the 69th Annual Stockade Villagers Outdoor Art Show – in Schenectady, New York.  I’ve brought my artwork to this show many times over the years and it is always fun and a great place to engage other art-a-holics.  As would be expected, this year things are going to be a bit different.  For example, artist’s displays will need to be set up a safe, social distance apart from one another, masks will need to be worn by everyone, there will be no judging or awards and to participate this year there is no fee.  Truthfully, I’m looking forward to participating no matter the restrictions and rules.  With 2020 having so far been such an unsettling year I’m yearning for a little “normal” even if normal means wearing a mask all day.

Now that summer is winding down and my gardens are requiring less tending I’ve begun painting again and I like it.  For me, my creativity ebbs and flows and is always squeezed in and sometimes squeezed out by day-to-day responsibilities and such.  When I get back “into it” (as they say) it feels good and I connect with a deeper part of myself.  I’m finding that my creativity is particularly relaxing and enjoyable these days.  Maybe it’s because my motives are different and maybe it’s because I’ve mostly let go of my constant striving for perfectionism.  You see I have finally accepted that my art in whatever form – will never be perfect.  It can only be my best effort but not perfect.  I know now that perfection comes from God alone and the striving for that perfect masterpiece has over the years derailed my efforts.  It’s freeing to let myself just paint, draw and create with a forgiving eye and an open heart.

So, I will take my “best effort” to the Stockade Art Show on Saturday weather permitting.  There is guaranteed to be all kinds of art on display, many unique styles and interpretations of our world and it will be fun to be there to be a part of this celebration of creativity.  I’ll bet there will be unique and creative masks and there will definitely be adults, kids and dogs all on display showing their uniqueness!  I’m looking forward to it – no doubt.