This is not a holdup!

I’ve been working from home since March 20th when the coronavirus situation hit.  Since then there came a whole new way of doing things.  After March 20th shopping for necessities became a stress filled outing and my only real life face-to-face was with my cat Luvy.  Connection with friends and family became Zoom meetings or regular telephone calls.  Truthfully, I have to admit that through it all I faired pretty well.  I believe it’s because by nature I am a hermit and over the past many years I have come to enjoy my own company and don’t mind being home.  You see I am a nester and a homebody so this quarantine and social distancing played right into my leaning toward isolation.

I suppose isolating ones self from others and the outside world can serve to be a kind of protective mechanism lessening the chance of relationship both good and bad.  Now I know that God does not want us to hide our light in isolation – whether self-imposed or mandated – and we are made for relationships.  I believe we thrive in the right relationships and learn from the not-so-right relationships.  We learn who we are through our life’s experiences and when we isolate ourselves the learning doesn’t stop but I believe our learning process and enlightenment is slowed.

Now that we’re reopening things and I am going back to work in-office there is a certain transition pain.  Like a growing pain here adjustments in thinking are needed to reboot back into life.  Adjustments like setting alarms, dressing for the day in appropriate office attire and getting accustomed again to the commuter traffic hassle are all a part of the reboot back into life growing pains.

I admit to having a little trouble with this reboot mostly because of the loss of extra time.  It is truly amazing how those two hours of commuting have been such a gift.  Since I began working from home I’ve had a little more time and a lot more energy to try new things like cartooning and oil painting.  It’s been fun and frustrating trying new things but I welcome the challenge and am determined continue and “get good” even though there will be less time like before.  But I’ll keep at it when I can and will try to embrace the new back to normal and whatever that will be.  So I will don my mask, wash my hands and try to refrain from saying “this is not a holdup” every time I see someone!