Binge watching Tiger King and other disturbing behavior

Now that we are being asked to social distance, shelter in place and just plain stay home binge watching any kid of TV has become another nasty habit I’ll have to figure out how to break later.  In the beginning I was watching or listening to hour after hour of news about the coronavirus and it became overwhelming and downright depressing.  So in order to lift my spirits I began watching the Tiger King because one of my sons suggested it and my sons are pretty reliable when it comes to recommending the latest popular trends and such.   So I hit play and must admit that the first Tiger King episode was successful in distracting me from the flood of coronavirus news coverage but lift my spirits it did not.  I know that I could have stopped watching after that first episode and did so but then when we were having one of our family Zoom gatherings all the “kids” were talking about it and so I resumed watching.  The truth is I was watching because I wanted to be “cool” and because I wanted to have something to contribute when the conversation came up.  Who would have thought I could be “peer” pressured at this ripe old age but yes it happened.  Anyway, my succumbing to that pressure gives me something else to think about other than the coronavirus and another character flaw to work on.  Add it to the list.