Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

It’s funny that I actually know what day of the week it is. I suppose it’s because I am still working from home and make a point of taking note by sending an email to my boss and co-worker stating… Good Morning and Happy whatever day it might be. That ritual also helps me to calendar the days somehow.

* Friday used to mean I was on the cusp of not commuting to Albany for two hole days. Friday doesn’t mean that anymore.

* Friday used to mean jeans and more casual attire were allowed. Now everyday is jeans and casual attire day – sometimes too casual I’m ashamed to admit.

* Friday used to mean a day of sleeping in was just a day away where on Saturday I could wake with the sun or when my cat might insist it is time! Nowadays I can rise to sun (which is up a little after 6:00 a.m. these days) or maybe later.

* Friday used to mean the nearing of the weekend that would be filled with housecleaning (which I love), shopping for groceries (which I also love) and gadgets (I love that too) and perhaps an occasional meal with friends (I love this too).

* Friday used to mean the weekend was here where gathering at church and visiting my father were always on my Sunday agenda (I especially love this).

Nowadays in this thing we call “new normal” Friday means no commuting with just a short walk to my chair to begin work. For now my Friday attire is the same as every other day which is some stretchy comfortable outfit that would surely land me in the Most Offensive Walmart Photos album. Friday… Things are different to be sure but I am hopeful that sometime soon we will be set free to wander and shop and hug each other. Until then… Happy Friday!

What do you have planned? I’m staying home.