May good things sprout from this coronavirus pandemic

I started working from home on March 20th.  In the beginning I was diligently getting cleaned up and dressed just as if I were working in my Downtown office… but then!  But then I fell off the wagon.  Oh my I am glad there is no camera to record how I really look.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m still working but my outfits make me Walmart photo-ready if only we could leave the house and go to Walmart.  I suppose I could go to Walmart to get provisions but the stress level with everyone in masks and gloves is high and I just don’t want to deal with it.  The whole thing looks like a holdup is about to happen.  So… I’m staying home in spandex and baggy sweaters with my hair cinched up riding out the storm like everyone else.

If ever there was a time to unite, this is it.  America – right and left – soften… try talking to each other like you’re talking to your old and respected grandmother.  Don’t be combative and sometimes we just need to hold our tongues.  Let some good things sprout from this trial.  That is my hope and prayer.