Control… It’s an Illusion now go wash your hands

I’ve always been the type of person who plans, predicts, evaluates, makes lists and literally tries to control nearly everything in my life.  It feels like I’ve always been like that as best I can recall.  Even when I’m being foolish there’s an element of me – trying like all get out – to be in control.  In a further effort to remain in control I create spreadsheets.  I’ve got spreadsheets to “run the numbers” to keep track of my regular budget, my future budget, my anticipated house repairs, my Christmas list (with relevant photos and estimated cost), and an elaborate spreadsheet trying to figure out how I will ever retire.  Heck I even recently created a spreadsheet for losing weight.  The truth is I should forgo that one and just exercise (nah that won’t work).

And now here we are with the coronavirus in our midst and we are being asked by our President to social distance and stay in our homes.  Trips to the grocery – for me because I’m an oldster – need to be planned.  Between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. is the schedule for the over 60 crowd.  We all have been advised to wash our hands for 20 seconds, which is a  very long time.  We should use hand sanitizer as well (if you can find any) and stay away from people (which I’m used to doing anyway).  Unnecessary stores are closed just in case we are tempted to shop for that gotta have handbag and even my church held its worship services online, which was nice because I could wear Spandex (what a sight that was) and have coffee at that same time.  That last one I don’t feel good about but it’s true.

I suppose I like the spreadsheet because numbers are reliable:  1 + 1 = 2.  We can rely that. Now though there is this thing – the coronavirus – in our midst and we have no control over where it is or where it goes or who gets it.  The only thing we can control is our hand washing, face touching, our staying at home and our reaction to it all.  I would be easy to freak out and panic but I’m not going there because I have someone in my corner who is all powerful and all knowing and He can accomplish great things without a spreadsheet!  You might wonder who that someone is.  Well, that someone is God and all he asks is that believe through faith that He is real (and He is), he asks that we love Him and unite out lives with Him and finally to love our neighbors as ourselves.  The nice thing about having God in your corner is you don’t have to be perfect.  He forgives us that.

So right now while the world feels so out of control and the future feels so uncertain I’m going to lean on God, knowing he is real and knowing He is in control.

We will get through this.  I’ve heard it said… the only way out is through… and that is truer now more than ever.  So while we wash and wait we need to pray for God’s intervention, a miracle in some form.  He’ll decide what miracle to sprinkle on all of us.   I’m sure of it.