Doing Battle with Acrylic Paints

I’ve never been much of a fan of acrylic painting.  In my opinion acrylics dry way too fast even when using that medium to slow the drying time.  I’ve tried on and off over the years because there are so many benefits to using acrylics as your opaque medium.  Acrylics don’t smell the way oil paints do.  Clean up with acrylic paints is quick and easy using just soap and water.  No stinky turpentine and the like.  Acrylics can work… I know they can.  I’ve seen some artists who produce such awesome results with acrylic that I stand in awe.  It makes me wonder … why not me?

Well, I can tell you why not me.  It’s because I’ve tried for a time… and then quit.  Trying for a time and quitting will never get you where you need or want to be.  Whether it’s painting with acrylics or any other challenging endeavor… trying for a  time and then quitting doesn’t get you there.  And so it is with that in mind that I’ve pulled out my acrylic paints once again and I’m giving them another go.  Not just another go… I intend to stick with it this time until I produce a result I’m satisfied with.

The way I’m starting is by painting on some wooden items I have had laying around for years.  I’m letting loose and painting in any way that will teach me how to handle acrylics paints.  I suspect some of the results will be a questionable but I’m going to battle through it until the day comes when I produce something “really good.”  Whatever “really good.”  I’ll tell you what it means when I figure it out.