Rainey Dewey Art Chickadee

A Little Chickadee, Old Dominion and Deep Space

It’s cold today with a snow cover on the ground that came from storms and squalls over the last few weeks.  The last snow fell on Tuesday.  We got about 4 inches or so and instead of hauling out my snowblower I just left the snow sitting on my driveway.  Shameful.  In my defense, I did shovel the sidewalk and porch steps.  Primarily because I didn’t want to get snow in my socks but give me kudos for at least doing that.

Today though might be the day to get things cleaned up a bit inside and out.  I’ve got a load of laundry in the washer, Old Dominion on the stereo repeating “One Man Band” (love this song) and eventually I will motivate outside into the 7 degree temps to finally clean up the driveway.  But for now I’m all about another cup of coffee and spending a little time in my art spot with pencil in hand or maybe a paint brush or maybe both.

As far back as I can remember I’ve loved to draw.  I used charcoal pencils for a long time but these days I primarily use a variety of H and B pencils.  My technique is a layering and building process much like my watercolor process.   I suppose the reason for that is my tendency toward caution.  Some artists are bold in their style with splashy brush strokes and pencil work using a variety of marks.  But me… I’m more tentative.  Perhaps if I practiced everyday I’d become more confident but then again maybe I’d draw and paint just the way I do now.

My Space

I believe that each of us is born with a unique style and mine has emerged over time.  My style just is and I’m grateful for it.  I enjoy pulling together details and making things look like they do.  I have explored some abstract type watercolors by trying to paint deep space and I admit it was freeing, great fun and I’ll probably do it again but ultimately I’m back to painting and drawing the way that I do.

The little Chickadee drawing here was inspired from a photograph I took some time ago. I had a bird feeder right near my window and so the birds would come close… really close. I snapped a few pictures and this little Chickadee drawing is the result. Again, my style is a building and layering and what’s more I enjoy the process of building and layering. When I’m engaged in drawing I escape into the process, time doesn’t exist and the drawing takes on a life of its own. I love that about art and creativity. We can go there and our art meets us with open arms providing a place to land where disappointments and loneliness don’t exist.