Rainey Dewey Art Horses Sketch

Nothing’s easy…

I’ve been painting with watercolors for some… thirty years! Wow and holy cow where has the time gone? I remember that first adult education class at our local high school back in the late 1980’s. At my mother’s urging (mother’s are great at urging) I signed up for a class that I thought was going to be an oil painting class and so I scoured the house for my old but still useable oil paints and brushes and headed off one evening after work to paint a masterpiece.

To my surprise the medium being taught was watercolor! I’d never used watercolor paints with the exception of one of those Crayola sets for kids and I’d never used them for any serious purpose. Being utterly unprepared, the teacher loaned me a set of paints – a Crayola set no less – and gave me a piece of paper to get started. I plunged in without a clue and painted a barn. Oh boy was it bad! I still have the first few paintings I produced in those classes to remind me that when you try to learn something new it isn’t easy at first, but since then I’ve learned that if you stick with it and do it over and over again it will get easier.

That’s the key… In order to learn something new you need to stick with it and do over and over and sometimes over yet again.

So in the effort of full disclosure… Nothing’s easy but if you first step out of your comfort zone, stick with “it” whatever “it” is, then it will get easier. What’s more the enjoyment, joy and feelings of accomplishment cannot be bought. So I would encourage you and me to get to it or get back to it and let your creativity flow!

Side note: I won’t be posting that first watercolor painting here, but if you’d like to see it just email me at [email protected] and I will show you that very first, Crayola produced watercolor masterpiece.