Front Door Steps

Village Life – First Spring

It’s my first spring in this old but new-to-me house. This old house is my dream home… truly. I’ve always loved old houses but never dared to hope that one day I would sit on an old porch where people sat in 1890. Although in 1890 they probably didn’t sit as much as we do these days.

Luckily for me the previous owners renovated the entire interior, making great choices of what to leave of the old and what to remove. For example, the electrical and plumbing are all updated. No outhouse for me and no candles unless needed for meditation or intimacy. They did keep the old banister and the old layout. The foundation is constructed of rocks and mortar and is sturdy and in good shape (to quote inspector) and is entirely original. Constructed with strong and hardworking hands in 1890.

When I moved here last August, spring was long since past and I was, in a word, exhausted. Being no small feat having purged and packed an entire household where I’d lived for 17 years all I wanted to do was sit and stare. I did have help from time-to-time from friends but truthfully the purging and packing was something I needed to do by myself. Reviewing what is important to keep and deciding what needed to be tossed, donated or gifted. Those were decisions only I could make.

JonBoy… loading the POD was like putting together a puzzle!

At the end when all the junk was dispensed of and all the important things were in boxes my son and a friend’s husband packed my POD taking 3 1/2 hours to complete. Then at the other end my church family rallied and unloaded my belongings in 38 minutes, then proceeded to put things away and finally fed everyone lunch! I am blessed.

My church family… moving things in and setting up lunch… very humbling and very grateful.

Being a person who doesn’t easily ask for help, this was a huge thing… to graciously accept many helping hands.