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It’s 2019 and Big Changes Are Afoot!

Wow it’s 2019 and big changes have arrived!

Well I suppose saying “big changes” have arrived might be a bit of an exaggeration.  What with the New Year just rung in a few hours ago and so far the only change here in my orbit is having moved my computer from an upstairs bedroom into my dining area.

Truth is that is a “big change” for me.  Mostly because I wanted this picture perfect dining room.  You know what I’m talking about… one of those rooms in the magazines and home decorating shows where no one lives and it’s so it neat and tidy and impeccably outfitted.  There’s no laundry strewn about, no dishes in the sink, there are no remnants of the people who actually live there and yes, that’s what I wanted.

I know… I can hear you saying that “picture perfect” home doesn’t exist except in a photoshoot.

I know… I can hear you saying that I need to stop with these unrealistic expectations.

The absolute truth is I am the queen of unrealistic expectations.  My life has been full of them and what happens is unrealistic expectations typically net disappointment and other ugly circumstances that I will refrain from sharing here.  After all it’s a new year – 2019 – and big changes are afoot!  I don’t want to jinx things!

The old and the new…

So now in my dining room I have a lovely old, oak clawfoot pedestal table that belonged to my great-great grandparents.  With it there is a collection of chairs that my mother and father (Mumzie and Pa) added over the years to make it a complete dining room set.  It’s lovely in that room.  I think of Mumzie and Pa when I walk by it or sit at it with coffee in the morning.

I celebrated my first Thanksgiving here in my new house seated at this special table sitting on these special chairs.  My sons were home with their wives and my grands we all sat at this special table and celebrated together!  We sat at this table that was not so long ago in my mother and father’s house.  I wish it was still there because then Mum and Pa would still be in their home.  It’s true things in life are constantly changing… sometimes big changes and sometimes little things.  I hope this year I take note of both – the big and small – and savor both.  I hope to celebrate the good, accept circumstances I’d prefer were not happening and let go of the unrealistic.

So in the coming year my computer will be nestled in the dining room where it can be accessed easily and enjoyed.  The old and the new coexisting.  It can happen.  It’s happening here.

Here’s to hoping 2019 meets all your expectations 😉