Chickens on the Roost

The Chicken Saga – In The Beginning (Part 1)


I have found that many of my life’s lessons have come from unlikely places and I’m a hardhead so those lessons are something I need to step in, personally. Like getting poo on your shoe and then trying to wipe it off onto the grass … that’s how I learn.

This latest lesson-learned started a couple of years ago when I was wallowing in self-pity and thought myself to be lonely (I wasn’t). That’s when I decided that getting a few chickens might be just the tonic to soothe my wounded spirit. The original plan was for chickens AND goats. What a load of poo on my shoe that would have been. Deep down I believe I knew it would be a mistake but, of course, I rationalized my decision.

Chicken Art

Chickens eat ticks… I hate ticks.

Chickens might eat bees and ground hornets (they don’t) … I hate bees and ground hornets.

Chickens poop and so provide fertilizer, organic fertilizer for my struggling vegetable gardens… I like tomatoes.

Chickens give you eggs and are cute… I like eggs and cuteness.

Where, I thought, is the downside to this proposition?

Of course, there would be no deterring, persuading or reasoning with me to rethink things from kind and caring friends and family. I was ALL IN.

Chickens! Yes! I NEED THEM! Great idea!