Rainey Dewey Art Cows

Finish What You Started…

I’ve always been an emotional, spontaneous, creative sort of gal.  Those traits can be a good thing when kept in check or catastrophic when let reel out of control.  As those traits relate to my art they are also good and catastrophic.  The good part is painting and drawing with feeling and emotion comes through your work and keeps you in the art game.  It’s my love of all things creative that keeps me being creative.

I draw on the world around me for inspiration.  But trying to paint or draw nature in all its perfection can be daunting.  Trying to record nature with pencil or brush sometimes leads down the road of frustration and feelings of failure then overtake.  Of course, that’s when I put down said pencil or brush and give up.

That is indeed how I’d come to have a pile of half-finished watercolor and pencil works sitting in the corner accusingly… Every time I’d glance over… failure was all I heard.  Until one day I decided that I would start no new paintings or drawings until those half-finished works were brought to completion.  Completion… good or bad they needed to be finished.  What’s more instead of trying to “duplicate” nature I decided to free myself to paint my emotional, spontaneous and creative version.  That freedom has lead me to complete all my half-finished watercolors and nearly all my pencil drawings.  The pencil you see above – Summer Grazing – is just one of the pencils drawings that I have proclaimed “Done!”  With satisfaction and relief…. “Done!”