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Learn Best Through Trial and Error

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The wind is kicking up outside and from what I understand it’s going to be cold here in Upstate New York today.  As I sit here at the computer tapping away on my keyboard I can hear the wind gusts battering the house.  It’s days like these that make me more aware of my blessings.  Things like home, hearth, a decent job and, of course, a hot steaming cup of coffee are all little and big things that make my life comfortable.

Now no life is without its struggles and mine is no different but I can honestly say that much of my current situation is a result of past mistakes, missteps and poor judgment.  Those mistakes of the past can teach us if we’re willing to listen.  If only we heed the wisdom those mistakes have unearthed, our course can become a little easier to navigate.  And so I am listening, heeding and changing bit-by-bit each day.

That’s one of the reasons why I writing here this early morn before work.  I have intention to write, sometimes in my private journal and sometimes here with the hope that a conversation will start with likeminded seekers and if no conversation starts there is a satisfaction in the writing itself.  The writing forces deep reflection.  Writing helps sort out things we didn’t know needed sorting; writing solidifies our values, direction and helps us understand ourselves a little better.

Writing is an adventure.

I’d originally planned to write about painting, explaining process and how I’ve learned through trial and error, rambling as I usually do about how this or that is done.  But then I began tapping on my keyboard and out comes this blog about blessings, mistakes and learning.  That’s what I love about writing and painting.  Writing and painting are moments of creation that satisfy the soul.  And so with a satisfied soul I’d better get off to work to earn my keep!

Blessings to you this day from windy Upstate New York.