Snowfall and Flag

Spring… Just Around the Corner

It’s hard to believe that spring is just a few days away and with the 27+ inches of snow that fell just a few days ago spring seems even further away.  But I take comfort in the cycle of the seasons because I know that spring will come just as God planned it.  In the meantime I’ll hold on and wait for the thaw and while waiting I’ll mark time by painting, drawing, reading and nesting here in my country oasis.

When the snow started falling early last Tuesday morning I knew I wouldn’t be making my 40-mile commute to Downtown Albany for work and was thankful I didn’t have to do so.  In preparation, the evening before the snow started I stopped at the local grocer for necessities like coffee and half-n-half!  I can imagine myself being stranded without a lot of things but waking up without my coffee was unthinkable!!!  I also made a quick trip to the corner quickie-mart to fill up my gas can since I knew that my snowblower would be getting quite a workout.

Watching the snow fall from the vantage point inside my warm and comfortable home with a steaming cup a coffee in hand was pure luxury.  At some point after that first and second cup I donned my layers, including jeans, sweater, scarf, hat, gloves, warm socks, boots and coat to get the snow removal process going.  I pushed the kitchen door open and met resistance with nearly eight inches of snow that had already fallen!  The day went on much like the morning with the snow falling all day long.  In and out I went periodically to move the snow off the driveway and walkway.  By the next morning there would be 27+ inches on every surface.

Nature had painted everything white in beautiful patterns, high mounds and low dips and when the sun shone the next morning the beauty was intensified.  I tried to take it in stride the next morning as I removed a few more inches and a huge packed snow mountain left by the Town’s snowplows during the night.  As I headed off to work I thought… gosh I’ve got to get that snow off the roof.

I must admit that it did feel a bit overwhelming at times but now in hindsight I realize again that I handled it … I handled it all… like an adult, like a grown woman who takes responsibility, like a grown woman who knows how to do what needs to be done and then does it.  Sometimes a snowfall is more than just a snowfall.  Sometimes 27 inches of snow shows you what you’re made of.  I look forward to spring to see what spring has to teach me… God knows there are many lessons to be learned and I’m ready so long as I’ve got my coffee!