Cooking Snickerdoodles

A Snickerdoodle Night… A Snickerdoodle World!

Last night I needed to bake some cookies for church on Sunday.  I had tried to bake a batch last week but once baked they came out all flat and spread out covering the entire cookie sheet!  I can only suppose that the butter was too soft or I didn’t add enough flour – who knows!?  Into the trash they went.

Now I’ve been baking for more that 50 years (wow…) so this cookie disaster came as quite a shock!  What’s more the recipe is simple… Snickerdoodles… I’ve made them a hundred times, maybe more!  So last night I pulled out my recipe, once again, with the ingredients making a special effort to measure carefully while being sure the butter was soft but not too soft and then measuring the flour with precision and the utmost concentration.  The net result was a Snickerdoodle success!

It just occurred to me that if everyone here in the United States who is still protesting, burning things and exhibiting anger could say Snickerdoodles… Snickerdoodles… Snickerdoodles… three times, and then go home, bake a batch of cookies – say Snickerdoodles – to be shared with our fellow countrymen we’d all be much better off.

I mean really… how better to inspire unity than sharing the fruits of your labor… how better to exhibit kindness that to share with someone you don’t agree with?!  Who would have time to sneer, burn things and go on with angry rants if they were doing something purposeful… like baking Snickerdoodles?!  The very word “Snickerdoodles” can hardly be said without a smile and once we are all smiling, measuring, baking and sharing what a wonderful world this would be!

Yes!  That’s the answer… Snickerdoodles galore… Snickerdoodles all around… Snickerdoodle Love!  That’s what we need!

If you’re interested in participating in the Snickerdoodle Revolution just email (rainey[email protected]) me for the recipe!  I’d be happy to share.