Rainey Dewey Art Working on a new piece

Time to Reset

I know it’s time to reset my life.  Of late I’ve been so distracted.  First by the 2016 Presidential election campaigns, then the election itself, after that the protests and resistance to Donald Trump’s unexpected win.  Then and still we have protests, sometimes violent, and in spite of it all we have President Trump in the Oval Office beginning his work to restore America to her former glory.  What a ride this has been and what a ride Donald Trump’s Presidency promises to be if the first few days are any indication.

But all that is not my life and while I will stay informed I know what I need to do now is reset my own life and so I ask these questions of me… What do you want your life to look like?  What are your goals and dreams?  How do you plan to get there?

Know that these questions I pose to myself are not new and I have asked and answered them many times before.  But now, at 61, I know that I have reached a pivot point where I need to really commit with action and focus.

Looking back I can now recognize many pivot points in my life.  Sometimes I chose the “narrow path” but most times I chose the “wide path” that did in many ways lead to my destruction.  The destruction in my life has been mostly self-imposed by choosing a wrong path and doing it with full knowledge that it was the wrong path.  Once down a wrong path it is hard, really hard (but not impossible) to double back and get on the right path.  The hardest thing is that the circumstances that came to me while traveling that wrong path have lingered and for me have taken years and years to repair.  But this repairing I will continue to pursue because I know my life now walking with the Lord is richer, more peace filled and just plain better than before.

So… on I will go trying to answer those questions…