Picture of first snow

Enjoy the Day as it Unfolds

I woke up, stumbled to the coffeemaker, fed the cats their morning ration while never once looking out the window.  In my morning haze when I finally looked outside I was surprised to see a winter wonderland.  I pushed the kitchen door open to see how much of the “white stuff” we’d gotten to find at least five inches or so with the snow still falling.


I suppose I was somewhat prepared for this first significant snow fall with my snow shovel propped just outside the kitchen door.  Other than that I don’t know if you can really prepare.  The truth is I do love the snow blanketed over the landscape and the variety of grays filled with color in winter.  I love how nature provides the perfect value sketch and flawless subjects for painting.  With the snow sitting gently on each and every branch, it is magic and majesty.

Of course, once I’m past appreciating the beauty of this first snow I’ve got to get my duds on, check on the chickens and get out my snowblower with the hope that it will start.  I remember being intimidated by the snowblower at first and being unsure of how to operate the darned thing.  But these days I’m a snowblower pro (of sorts) and other than breaking a couple of windows on the garage with flying rocks, I’ve got it down to somewhat of a science.

So, I bid you good day as I get going to start a fire in the wood stove,  to clear the snow and generally get my little homestead fully awake to enjoy the day as it unfolds.