Rainey Dewey Art Sundown

It’s Time for Paint on Paper and a Little Peace

As an American citizen I have never felt such fear.  Fear of my fellow citizens, fear that these paid protesters and anarchists will somehow be able to topple our system and our right to live peaceful lives pursuing our personal dreams.  And then I remembered GOD TRUMPS FEAR!

Yes indeed.  God’s love trumps fear if we allow His love to wash over us and absorb that love into our very soul.  I need to do that.  Desperately.  Ever since the day after the election things in this country have been filled with extreme unrest and that turmoil is palpable.  I feel like I should do something.  Perhaps I should start my own petition in support.  Maybe I should carry my sign stating that President-Elect Trump is my President in the town square.  But in the end I will wait silently waiting for good to prevail over evil and I will pick up my paint brush and put paint to paper to bring me some peace.