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Stockade Art Show Update

The Stockade Villagers Art show was this past weekend.  The show, originally scheduled for Saturday, was postponed until Sunday due to threatening weather.  My good friend, Anne, and I conferred prior to the show and decided to bring less “stuff.” It was agreed that we would not bring our tents.  My tent weighs well over 50 pounds, including the sides and bag and contrary to its name is not so easy to put up when you’re traveling to an art show alone.  I also decided to bring two racks to hang artwork (instead of three or four) and no cloth to cover the grid pattern of the rack.  In other words I would leave the kitchen sink home and bring just the bare necessities.

"Breadbasket of the Revolution" [Watercolor, Approx Image Size 4 inches x 7 inches]
“Breadbasket of the Revolution” [Watercolor, Approx Image Size 4 inches x 7 inches]

I remember when I got started many years ago doing the outdoor art show circuit.  I would bring my modest, handmade pegboard racks, a plastic drop cloth in case of rain and my most ardent hopes that I would sell something or win a ribbon.  Such high hopes.  In the beginning I thought it made a difference what kind of art display you had.  But now I know better.  Good work is good work and what really matters is bringing your best effort.  Your display, racks and tent make not a lick of difference as to whether you will be gifted with a sale or recognized with a ribbon.

One thing, though, I know for sure is that bringing less stuff made loading, setup, take-down and unloading immensely easier, if not downright enjoyable.  I know… I’m getting carried way but truthfully, I had a grand day so all the pre-show prep and after-show take-down felt easy and worth it.  The weather was breezy but warm with low humidity.  The crowd was steady and interested in art.  I sold several things and was recognized with an award to boot.  To sum it all up – I was (and am) humbled.   In the past I have participated in shows without netting one sale and taking home only my bruised ego.  Those days were rough and if it weren’t for my absolute love of creating art I might have stopped painting altogether.