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Life is Happening

Oh my where does the time go?  I just sat down at my home computer, downloaded some old and new photographs off of my camera and then logged on to my blog only to realize that I haven’t posted in nearly a month!  Where indeed does the time go?

That's my cat Luvy. "What's with the suitcase," he's asking. He knows...
That’s my cat Luvy. “What’s with the suitcase,” he’s asking. He knows…

I remember when I was a kid being so impatient and wishing time would fly.  Back then there was the anticipation before Christmas, the wish to be a teen instead of “just a kid” and then there were our family summer road trip vacations where we would travel by automobile!  I remember enjoying all the sights as Daddy drove and puffed on his pipe.  I always felt so safe in his capable hands.  For lunch we would pull over at one of the roadside rest stops to eat bologna sandwiches and drink Koolaid.  It was pretty cool as I recall.

It was great!  Early, really early, on our designated departure date all seven of us – Ma, Daddy and all five of us kids – would pile into our station wagon and hit the road, driving from Huntsville, Alabama (where we lived at the time) to Upstate New York.  My grandparents had a camp on The Great Sacandaga Lake in the Adirondacks and all we had to do was get there.  What a beautiful place right on the lake with swimming, and boating and an occasional evening game of charades with Grandma and Grandpa.  It’s where my “cool” Uncle David introduced us to Alfred E. Neuman with his missing front tooth in Mad Magazine, which we consumed with  an unquenched  desire for the off-beat humor inside each cover.  It was fun being a tight-knit family…  things were so much simpler back then…

Daddy Me Conrad
Daddy, Me and Conrad
Maine Collage
Daddy (top left), Cold Mumzie (top right), Bethy and Daddy on the beach (bottom)

And here I am all these years later wishing time would slow down.  Wondering how on earth I got to be 60 years old (going on 61).  Each day seems to fly by… too much to do… not enough time to do it.  Oh how obvious it is to me now that our time here on this earth is a premium and I’m determined to spend what I have left in the best possible way.  And so it seemed fitting to take a road trip with family!

Daddy, Bet & Conrad
Daddy, Bet and Conrad taking in the sweet ocean air!

This trip was with my sister and brother-in-law (Bet and Conrad) and Ma and Daddy.  In mid-May we headed to Ogunquit, Maine for a few of days on the Atlantic Ocean.  Our stay at Sea Chambers was just perfect as we could see the ocean from our rooms and we would converge on the balcony in the afternoon before dinner for cocktails as we watched the tide come in.  No worries about work, home chores, the world madness or any other thing.  For just three days an escape to recharge with people I love and people who love me.

It was great, truly, and again the time in Maine went way too fast, but in cases like these I always defer to Dr. Seuss and say “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Here's the view from Sea Chambers parking lot with visitors from all over... NY, VT, CT and Canada!
Here’s the view from Sea Chambers parking lot with visitors from all over… NY, VT, CT and Canada!