A Luxurious Day

Oh my… I’ve got a day off from work with no firm plans (except for church later on).  It’s Good Friday and I took the day off because I needed a day to follow my own rhythm and just be me.  Sleeping a little late was my first order of business.  Just letting my internal alarm and the rising sun bring me from a restful sleep was pure luxury.  Without that offensive alarm abruptly jarring me from my dreams I feel more at peace and more relaxed.

Wiping the sleep from my eyes I made coffee – fresh ground Eight O’Clock beans hmmm!  Steaming and fragrant, I sipped slowly, savoring that first cup instead of guzzling and rushing.  What pure luxury.

Feeding my two kitties their morning ration of canned food was next up on my morning agenda and as Luvy weaved in and around my legs I tried not to stumble over him and I don’t think I even yelled “Luvy… get out of the way!”

After feeding the cats I headed up to my art room to contemplate the status of several in progress watercolor paintings.  Of course, then I couldn’t resist sitting briefly to paint a spell.  Oh what pure luxury.

Determined I would return to the painting a little later, I headed out the my barn (garage) that houses my dozens hens.  Fresh water, manure clean up and tossing scratch grains on the ground was pure luxury in my unhurried state.  All the hens seemed to know that they should be set free to scratch and wander and with their insistent cackling I opened the door and they ran for freedom.  What fun to enjoy their antics without one eye watching the clock!

As the rest of the day unfolds I am so intensely aware that I am blessed… for my life, my faith, family, friends and for this day of pure luxury!