Rainey Dewey Art Daisies

Do Over

Gerber Daisy before the rework. I'm not sure why I thought it was done at this point!
Gerber Daisy before the rework. I’m not sure why I thought it was done at this point!

Nowadays drawing and painting are very nearly a daily staple in my life.  There are times when I’m not able or willing to sit with my paint and brushes and it is at those times I can feel myself becoming slightly out of balance.  Other times I’ll force myself into the art room.

Whether I am in the art room by choice or by force I have produced more than my share of failures.  When I say failures I mean that some of my paintings are not masterpieces, not my best work and when that happens I set them aside, being reluctant to throw them away.  As my pile of failed or half finished artwork begins to reach for the sky I’ll pull one out for a reworking session.

Reworking a “failed” painting has great benefits because I can tackle it with great abandon, soaking, scrubbing and splashing paint where before I might be too tentative to do so.  This little Gerber Daisy painting is just one such failure that turned into a little gem… Not a perfect masterpiece but a sweet little painting in its own right.

My art, I have grown to discover, is an adventure of discovery in which I am only limited by my willingness to try.