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Quite a Surprise – Arches 140 Pound Hot Press

I bought a block of Arches 140 pound hot press, watercolor paper a long while ago because I thought it might be good to use for my graphite drawings.  Hot press watercolor paper is smooth and I like that kind of surface for drawing.  I like a smooth surface for drawing because a smooth surface provides more control when creating textures.   Surprisingly, what I discovered is that hot press paper does have a texture of its own that I found unacceptable for drawing and so that block of paper I purchased so long ago sat ignored and unused.

Since I’d always dismissed hot press for watercolor painting as too smooth and uncontrollable, I was not about to set myself up for a watercolor failure by using it.  Make no mistake, I’ve had plenty of watercolor failures.   Watercolor painting is challenging enough and fighting your supplies just seemed foolhardy.  But since I turned 60 I have this “go for it” attitude and so I decided to actually do a watercolor painting on hot press paper.

I know…  I am such a risk taker!

I don’t know what is so powerful about the number… 60 but now that I’m 60 I find myself opening up and becoming more adventurous  with my creativity.  At 60 I seem to be ready to paint on hot press watercolor paper and what a surprise it was when I found that hot press paper is different but fun and I that like the smoothness (something I rejected previously).

I know that nothing has changed except me because I am more open and more adventurous and more ready for changes.  It seems that time, aging and the wisdom that comes with aging has changed me.  Now all I want to do is paint, draw and being creative with the time I have left here on this earthly plane and hot press watercolor paper is definitely a part of my supply list from here on out!