Watercolor Painting Round the Bend

Inspired by the Winter Landscape

Today I decided to take a little break from my “in-progress-chicken” painting to settle in and paint a winter landscape.  Winter landscapes with snow covered hills and fields inspire and excite me.  I particularly enjoy the dramatic values [value = darkness or lightness] that nature produces – ready made for painting.  Before I started painting in earnest back in 1989 I never realized how much rich color is hidden in the grays of winter.  Once I truly observed the variety and richness of winter gray the winter landscape quickly became one of my favorite subjects to paint.

This winter in Upstate New York we’ve had very little snow, which is unusual around here.  I know that winter isn’t over yet and we still might get “slammed,” but that’s okay with me.  I’ve got my snow blower, a strong back and I’ve got my creative eye that will feast on the beauty of the freshly fallen snow.

For now though I’ll need to rely on the past when snow was plentiful and I was wise enough to take a slew of photographs.  If I run out of photo reference, I can always conjure up a quick landscape from my memory… banks and drifts and hedgerow trees surrounded by the white stuff.  Sometimes putting away the photo reference is freeing and other times that reference is necessary.  Either way getting out my brushes, paint and a fine piece of thick, smooth paper is a joy to behold!

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