Rainey Dewey Art

Dragging my Feet

I know… I know… where are my chicken paintings and drawings?!  I admit that I am dragging my feet because I haven’t painted or drawn chickens very often and so my self-doubt steps in with a vengeance and I revert back to painting things I consider safe.  Like these little loosely painted daisies, which are fun to paint but not what I really want to paint.

My creative self is always at odds and undermining my confidence and that needs to stop.  Another dilemma that stops my artistic exploration is a seeming lack of time.  What with my full-time employment, household maintenance, daily chores, errands, appointments and general time wasting activities it feels like there isn’t ever enough time to dedicate to my art.  Of course, that last statement is a lie and an excuse for not settling in and focusing on new subjects and techniques.  An excuse for not trying.  An inexcusable excuse.

It’s funny that by memorializing my excuses here on this blog there seems to be a raw truth that is revealed and I know now what needs to be done.  Like Nike says… I need to just do it and see what comes.  So, I am going to courageously take you on this journey with me by showing you the process.  Starting with the uncertainty of producing some not so good stuff.  I’m going to show it all… the good, the bad and the ugly.  So stay tuned for some chicken artwork coming soon, right here at RaineyDewey.com!

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