Rainey Dewey Art

Teaching Watercolor – Study of Green

Who do I think in am anyway…  teaching a watercolor painting class?”

That kind of self-talk gets you no where so I dismissed the thought and moved forward boldly last June.  You see on June 20th I began teaching a small group of willing students and now four months later we’re still meeting on a regular basis.

Truth be known I’m learning more from them than I am teaching.  You see while I know how to paint a decent picture every now and then, teaching someone else carries a certain weighty responsibility.  Giving someone value in the form of watercolor painting instruction for legal tender, hard-earned cash makes me want to assure value is exchanged for value.


This week’s lesson focused on “taming” tube greens and mixing your own natural looking greens with the  colors on our own palettes.  These kinds of basic exercises are a true education and once embedded into our creative minds our mixing of that perfect green will become instinctive and relatively easy.