Rainey Dewey Art

Press Restart

Getting back in the saddle after having dismounted so years before can seem a bit daunting – as is the case for me right here and now.

What I’m talking about, of course, is blogging… writing… communicating… with who-knows-who and maybe no-one-at-all on the world wide web.  Of course, there is always hope that your mother will be reading, but in my case my mother truly hates getting on the computer and so I can’t count on her to read what I’ve written on a regular basis.

Perhaps my sister will read… but she’s really busy and even though I know she loves me I can’t rely on her to read what I’ve written all the time.

Maybe my sons (I have two) will check out what I’ve got to say every now and then.  But I know they’re both grown with busy with lives of their own so it would be unfair to expect their undivided attention.

The truth is I know the writing… the putting together words that provide some value about art and the creative life will have to be reward enough.   And I know it will be reward enough.

So, after a very long break from blogging I am back… for better or worse I will throw my thoughts into this technological mix and see what happens.

Get ready for chatter to commence about art, life, dreams and such.

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