Welcome to Rainey Dewey’s Art Spot!

I really do appreciate your stopping by.  If you have a minute please check out my blog that discusses the featured image here on my Home page entitled “Peak”. This image is an original oil painting inspired by the Upstate New York autumn colors.

I’ve just begun to walk this “oil painting” road having painted… gosh probably less than 20 oil paintings.  Watercolor has been my primary medium for many years and recently I could just feel it was time to dedicate myself to something new.  After receiving a sample set of Williamsburg Oil Paints a spark was ignited.  I added those paints to some oils I already had on hand just jumped in.  I was so ready to move the paint on a canvas, buttery and creamy paints on canvas!  I can say that so far it has been great fun.  I’m struggling to be sure but I’m having great fun in the process!  So if you have a minute … check out my blog for more details about this art piece and general chatter.