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My Man Trump! Number 45!

I sit here this Saturday morning drinking my coffee and contemplating what an emotional week it has been and continues to be. Our contentious presidential election is over finally with Donald J. Trump winning as the 45th President of the United States. I am delighted beyond words. Finally, my interests will be represented.

These election results were a surprise to many. With our mainstream media, who were essentially campaigning for Hillary Clinton, I long ago stopped watching them. The pollsters in their attempts to predict the election were also surprised at being incorrect. It’s now evident that the media, pollsters and Hillary Clinton herself didn’t take into account the voter, like me, who was reluctant to outwardly endorse Donald Trump but endorsed him by voting on November 8th.

Endorsing Donald Trump outwardly with a sign or bumper stick would make you a target and so while I bought both bumper stickers and signs I was reluctant to post either. At the end of the day I did push my sign into the ground in front of my house and did so with pride. This action was far from brave or heroic since I live in Trump Country! This place I live – Trump County – is a place where honest, hardworking people reside, people who value freedom, less government intrusion and regulation. This place I live is a place where it’s okay to say a prayer before the Town meeting instead of a “moment of silence.” This is home to me.

I am proud to have voted for the Trump/Pence ticket and even though I live in Upstate New York and know my state’s electoral votes will go to Hillary Clinton I’m still proud of my choice and I stand by it.   Unfortunately, victory has been tainted by protests, violence, destruction of property and death threats. I have never seen anything like this after a presidential election and I don’t get it. Being disappointed that you didn’t get what you wanted is one thing but this… this… violence is inexcusable.

What has happened to my America where we gracefully accept defeat and then rally around the winner? This is not my America. I remember twice in 2008 and 2012 when I didn’t get the president I voted for and I was disappointed. But I did not cry, take to the streets in protest, destroy things or make threats. What I did was find a church, start attending my local town meetings and get involved and I suggest these derisive people do the same.

I am so saddened that this chaos is happening here in the United States of America but I won’t be discouraged. I do believe that Donald J. Trump will be a great president who represents all the people. He has promised to do so and I believe he will.