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The Country Life and Hardworking Hens…

I love this country life and while the photographs depict a moment of what seems to be country bliss there are challenges to be sure.  Luckily I’m not opposed to hard work and not deterred by ticks, bees and lots of chicken manure.

Daily harvest

Daily harvest

I started with sixteen hens and roosters back in late June 2015.  I lost two little chicks most likely because of shipping distress and the two roosters needed to be placed.  Luckily “placed” didn’t mean the soup pot for my two roosters.

Scrambled, boiled or omelet-ized...

Scrambled, boiled or omelet-ized…


  • Kathy Warner

    Oh my…July 2015 when you got those chicks….I’m thinking it was just a couple of months ago….I couldn’t believe it when I read that!!! Talk about time flying. I’m somewhat flabberghasted right now!!!