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Ongoing Angst and Upset

“One Nation Under God” [SOLD]

Things here in the U.S. continue to be contentious with ongoing protests and petitions trying to overturn our election results.  This has truly been an education in connection with our electoral system.  Our founding fathers designed a system to assure that all Americans are heard.  The way I understand it without the electoral system heavily populated areas of the country – like California for example – would carry a weighted advantage in choosing our president every single time.  That would leave the rest of the country without a voice.  Our founding fathers were thoughtful in their design of this system and so the electoral college is how we choose our President here in the U.S.A.

And here we are today with disappointed Hillary Clinton voters trying to change the rules after the fact by rioting, property destruction, petitions and threats.   You can’t change the rules of the game after the fact just because you are disappointed with the outcome.  Now if the system were different I am certain that our candidates would have campaigned using a different strategy.  Yes, this election has been an education of that there is no doubt.

This election has pitted one citizen against  another like never before.  I’m exhausted of it all and so I tried this weekend to get back to my life even though the division is profound and is always hanging heavy in the back of my mind.  On Facebook, for example, I posted a shortened version of my blog post from yesterday. I tried to be careful with my words but still when one commenter started the verbal sparing began.  Over and over again an angry and unrelenting tirade until I had to stop the whole thing suggesting he unfriend me.  What has happened to us?  So divided we are… these “United” States of America.

I am praying for some kind of healing as we move forward.  I am praying for the Lord’s hands safety to surround President Elect Donald J. Trump and his family.  I am praying that this crazed world settle down and get a grip.  Dear God please help us.