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It’s Impossible to Ignore

“Flying the Flag” (Watercolor)

It is impossible to ignore the protests that have been continuous in cities throughout the U.S. since the election of Donald Trump as our next President.  I am extremely happy that he won and I proudly voted for him even though it is quite dangerous to admit that unless you know for sure you are in the company of a like-minded thinker.

You might wonder why I voted for Donald Trump and for me the choice was obvious.  For the last eight years under the Obama Presidency I have felt immense hopeless and watched helplessly as he stole our freedom, abandoned our allies and pushed policies that have made the average middle American (like me) struggle.  Hillary would have been more of the same on steroids and I believe her to be a corrupted person.

I do understand that a lot of Americans took offense at some of the things Donald Trump has said throughout the years and during the campaign and there are things he said that I wish he hadn’t.  But the way I look at it is at the end of the day there isn’t one of us who hasn’t said something they wish they hadn’t.  We were just lucky enough to not have had video cameras rolling.  All this condemnation is hypocritical beyond comprehension.

I want the America I knew way back when.  I want an America where it is okay to speak your mind without fear of retribution.  I want my old America where even if we didn’t agree we could find common ground somehow and we each wanted to.

I’ve heard that these protesters are being paid to undermine President-elect Trump in his effort to lead and unite us and what I say to them is go home, get a real job and let us alone to lead our lives with hope that we are in desperate need of.  These Clinton supporters touting tolerance and diversity all the while showing themselves to be a most intolerant and divisive lot.

I really do want to get on with my life, painting and dreaming but this chaos is stirring up fear not just in us Trumpsters but in Hillary supporters who are willing to give President-elect Trump “a chance to lead.”  Those are Hillary Clinton’s words after all.  “We owe Trump a chance to lead.”  

Dear Lord please stop this chaos.